ZermattSeptember 3rd-5th 2018Three days with the Matterhorn, it…


September 3rd-5th 2018

Three days with the Matterhorn, it honestly doesn’t get better than that … well in Switzerland at least. Although this wasn’t my first time in Zermatt, this trip was unlike any of my previous visits to the area around the Toblerone mountain. It was 72 hours filled with as much adventure as possible leading to lifelong memories. It was definitely a bit of a different experience knowing you didn’t have to rush back home at the end of the day, but instead rushing with our heavy backpacks to the next spot and then picking up the pace to make it to the desired spot for sunset. Then waking up with the Matterhorn in sight was definitely something new for me, and if you ever get the chance, then definitely go see the Matterhorn at sunrise, but it’s quite marvelous watching the sunlight descend slowly upon the extremely long slopes of the peak, changing multiple colors along the way. And then of course seeing the Gorner Glacier is always spectacular, but it to see it at dawn as it was basically blue and you could feel the cold morning air around it truly made me appreciate more the whole glacial landscape. Especially because that night sleeping just a stone’s throw away from it was certainly the coldest night of my life, as seen on the frozen tent cover the next morning. But thankfully the freezing cold was nothing that two sleeping bags couldn’t handle. And in addition to building an amazing friendship, the number of amazing people we met along the way, and sharing the experience with them definitely made this trip a bit more special.

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