ZermattSeptember 3rd-5th 2018Three days with the Matterhorn, it…


September 3rd-5th 2018

Three days with the Matterhorn, it honestly doesn’t get better than that … well in Switzerland at least. Although this wasn’t my first time in Zermatt, this trip was unlike any of my previous visits to the area around the Toblerone mountain. It was 72 hours filled with as much adventure as possible leading to lifelong memories. It was definitely a bit of a different experience knowing you didn’t have to rush back home at the end of the day, but instead rushing with our heavy backpacks to the next spot and then picking up the pace to make it to the desired spot for sunset. Then waking up with the Matterhorn in sight was definitely something new for me, and if you ever get the chance, then definitely go see the Matterhorn at sunrise, but it’s quite marvelous watching the sunlight descend slowly upon the extremely long slopes of the peak, changing multiple colors along the way. And then of course seeing the Gorner Glacier is always spectacular, but it to see it at dawn as it was basically blue and you could feel the cold morning air around it truly made me appreciate more the whole glacial landscape. Especially because that night sleeping just a stone’s throw away from it was certainly the coldest night of my life, as seen on the frozen tent cover the next morning. But thankfully the freezing cold was nothing that two sleeping bags couldn’t handle. And in addition to building an amazing friendship, the number of amazing people we met along the way, and sharing the experience with them definitely made this trip a bit more special.

Stellisee to ZermattSeptember 5th, 2018This will forever be one…

Stellisee to Zermatt

September 5th, 2018

This will forever be one of my favorite days that’ll remember till the end of time, because the feeling of waking up next to the lake and seeing that all the clouds from the previous evening had disappeared and that the Matterhorn was now not just perfectly in view, but also the lake was even better than an actual mirror thanks to the lack of wind, was simply indescribable. Even though we woke up long before the first rays of light started shining on the mountains, there were already a bunch of other people enjoying the blue tones of the Alps, and we all watched together peacefully as the Matterhorn transformed from a dark and cold rock to a stunningly orange peak, almost as if it was on fire. I didn’t know whether to enjoy the views or take photos, unlike the previous sunrise, we stayed at just one spot, so the lack of rushing around allowed me to do both.

One of my favorite moments from the sunrise at lake however was when we tried to take some photos with my friend in front of the lake to capture the true scale of the lake and the Matterhorn, and then all the other photographers stopped for a moment and then tried to take the same exact photo. It’s incredible what happens to landscape photographers when there’s a model in the scene haha. Anyways, afterwards I quickly climbed up the slope full of loose rocks to try and get that “overhead” perspective of the lake, and just managed to capture the valley beautifully turning from pitch black to vibrant green thanks to the sun.

After we packed up our stuff, we set off towards the Findel Glacier, but first we made a stop at the Fluhalp hut to get a bit of a refreshment. Not going to lie, but after a cold morning (without much water), the tea that we ordered might have been the best one I ever had. The view of the Matterhorn definitely helped the overall enjoyment. So after finishing this break, we continued towards the glacier to get a closer look at it. I’m not going to lie, but it was a bit depressing to see the enormous glacial valley that the glacial left behind and then see the tiny remainder of the actual glacier.

With the glacier and the last thing that I wanted to see on this trip crossed off the list, we set out on our return all the way down to Zermatt. Along the valley we walked on the top of the moraine ridge with the Matterhorn right in front of use, trying our best not to fall down while looking at the majestic view. And then we stopped again lake Grindjisee, except this time the hot late summer sunshine gave us the idea to go for a quick dip in the lake to cool down. And the water was definitely cold enough for that.

Then it was time to put the camera away into the backpack with quite a steep descent ahead of us. Besides gravity pulling us down, the prospect of food definitely helped us speed our tempo up a bit. Although the local Coop didn’t close till 8pm and had plenty of time, we were definitely quite hungry and couldn’t wait to buy some healthy (and in my case unhealthy) treats. And after a “successful” shopping experience, we sat down at a bench in middle of Zermatt and just watched the Matterhorn disappear into the clouds and the darkness of the night, all while snacking on some well deserved snacks after three days of hiking with our backpacks filled to their maximal capacity. 

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