Prague, Czech RepublicJune 18th-19th 2018 with Karman and…

Prague, Czech Republic

June 18th-19th 2018 with Karman and Haley

It’s hard to find days more special than those, when you get to show your hometown to friends you’ve known since you were ten years old, especially considering if you met them on the other side of the world. So it was especially fun showing a completely different world that Prague entails, including the little quirks that us Czechs have.

Anyways, we did all the typical things one would do while in Prague: go get a beer after arriving, watch the astronomical clock at the top of the hour (even if it was being repaired at the time and we just had to watch a projection), go to the top of Petřín tower, do the mirror maze underneath the tower (one of my favorite things since being little), enjoy the view from the Strahov monastery, go to the Prague Castle only to remember that the cathedral closes early, eat some svíčková, look at the bridges from Letná, visit the jewish quarter, go to the rooftop terrace above Old Town Square not for food, but just for the view, do a tour of the Old Town Hall (which I had actually never done before, which was fun, not just because the tour guide noticed that I must be Czech because I was laughing at all the inside Czech jokes.) Go see sunset from Old Town bridge Tower, which was absolutely epic (and crowded as expected). Since it was the middle of June, the tower closed even before it actually got completely dark, but it was still beautiful. Then we got drunk (a rarity for me), made fun of drunk people while walking across the Charles Bridge. 

Next day we had to actually go see the Lennon Wall, because we’re the instagram generation. Then we went back to the Prague Castle to actually see the inside of the St. Vitus cathedral, walked around the streets of New World before finding more delicious food to eat, then I got to show them my old high school, then we got some “chlebíčky” before going to the top of the Dancing House to enjoy the sunset views before doing one more round of bars. The plan was to stay up till sunrise at 4″30 am, but we bailed at 3am since nothing good was open, but honestly we didn’t really miss out on a sunrise because it was cloudy. And honestly at that point we were quite exhausted after a two days of lots of walking, sightseeing, eating and drinking, but most importantly plenty of fun with two of my favorite people in the world.

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