Lauterbrunen, SwitzerlandSeptember 8th, 2018It was the last day…

Lauterbrunen, Switzerland

September 8th, 2018

It was the last day of Tereza’s visit to Switzerland, so we decided to try to make the most out of it by buying a day pass for the public transportation system and we certainly got our money’s worth. First we got on a train to Brienz, and we got some scenic views of the area around Lucerne and the Brunig Pass along the way. Then we went on a boat across the lake Brienz to Interlaken, where the water is nestled right between two beautiful mountain ridges. But honestly the highlight of the boat trip might have been the french fries that Tereza bought, not just because I was surprised due to her rather healthy diet, but more importantly because they were soooo delicious!
Then after another train to Lauterbrunnen, the famous peaks of Jungfrau, Monch and Eiger appeared in front of our eyes. The weather was actually sunny (unlike some of my other previous trips with people visiting), and it even might have been too sunny, because we started to get worried about not getting sunburned since we spent the whole week in the mountains. It was pretty hard to get good photos with that much sun, but honestly when such mountain peaks are in front of your eyes, you really don’t care. So we took the gondola lift and train to Mürren, which is on the east side of the valley, beautifully overlooking the cliffs. From there it was clear just how vibrant in color the landscape was with the late summer warmth. After enjoying the view and the sunshine, we went back and made a quick stop in Lauterbrunnen to have a look at the famous church and waterfall from a bit closer. Right there at the popular photo spot we met one of my favorite photographers on instagrammer by pure coincidence. (Check out her instagram and also her dog’s instagram because it’s the most photogenic dog you’ll see! I’m not even joking.) It was also a good reminder of how bad my german is, because I couldn’t get any sensible sentences out of me because I was actual nervous haha.
Then for the sunset we took a train to Wengen, which overlooks the valley from the east side. We stayed at one spot till the stars came out, and in between we got to witness a beautiful glow on the glacier, the valley turning beautifully blue during twilight and honestly just admire how beautiful the Alps can be. I don’t think I can repeat enough times, how incredible this place is, because it doesn’t feel real, even despite the numerous times I’ve been.

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